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The Sun and

the Serpent

This classic bestseller explores the St Michael Line, an alignment of ancient sites running across southern Britain from its most westerly point to the east coast. It is full of revelations about many famous sites including St Michael’s Mount, Glastonbury and Avebury. Since its publication it has become part of modern British folklore, inspiring a generation of those fascinated by the secrets concealed in the landscape.

The Secret Land

This book is full of remarkable discoveries in the Cornish landscape linked to the origins of the legend of King Arthur  and his mythical birthplace at Tintagel Castle, Cornwall. These can be traced back to ancient starlore and druidic tradition which left clues that can still be under- stood today once we have the key to unlocking the way ancient people saw the world around them. In the old British language Arthur means Great Bear, which refers to the circumpolar constellation representing heavenly order at the centre of the Round Table of the Stars.


This groundbreaking investigation into the Greenwich Meridian  proves beyond doubt it was established by ancient astronomers and is at least as old as Stonehenge. Its official establishment in the 17th century by King Charles II and Sir Christopher Wren was a continuation of this ancient purpose into the modern era. Throughout history, the royal dynasties of Britain, as well as certain esoteric societies, have always understood the true nature of this alignment and linked themselves with its symbolic power.

The Green Man

and the Dragon

This quest to discover the real St George leads to Ancient Egypt, the Holy Land, the megalithic temples of Britain and Ireland and the churches and cathedrals of Europe. It is the story of human evolution from the earliest times, and includes the rediscovery of a science of the forces of Nature, symbolised by the Dragon. Within this book is a key to discovering the principles that guided ancient religions and civilisations across the world, and the power of self-transformation that comes with a true understanding of the Mystery behind the Myth.

The Dance of

the Dragon

The Apollo/St Michael Alignment is a remarkable arrangement of sacred sites stretching from Ireland, through Cornwall, France, Italy, Greece and Israel, marked by sanctuaries dedicated to the Archangel Michael and Apollo, the Greek God of Light. This vivid account of the authors’ ten-year odyssey following its course has become one of the most unique and revealing journeys of discovery undertaken, showing how ancient sites were positioned according to Natural Science.

Tintagel and the

Arthurian Mythos

This is the book that made many people realise that Tintagel, the legendary place of the birth of King Arthur, was much more than simply a tourist hotspot connected with an elusive medieval myth. It explores the origins of the legend and Tintagel’s unique position in Celtic lore as a centre of ritual kingship, as well as its links to other significant sites.

Secret Shrines

An acclaimed, evocative journey of exploration around Cornwall, ‘The Land of Holy Wells’, rediscovering their special beauty, meaning and purpose at a time when many had become forgotten and neglected. Widely acknowledged as a classic and beautifully-produced work, at the time of its publication it rekindled interest in these old sacred springs, inspiring a modern renaissance.
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