"Read not to contradict and confute,                      nor to believe and take for granted...                            but to weigh and consider” F. Bacon
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ISBN 978-0-9513236-1-8

Hardback -

432 pages with over

150 illustrations,  full colour print

RRP £ 25 excl. p & p

 Published by MYTHOS

The   Greenwich   Meridian:   Britian’s   Secret   Axis   of   Power    r eveals   groundbreaking   new evidence   that   the   Prime   Meridian   of   the   World    is   far   older   than   history   relates.   Over   a   five   year journey   of   discovery   the   authors,   Paul   Broadhurst   and   Gabriele   Trso ,    have   found   that   more than   50   ancient   sites   are   in   alignment   with   the   Zero   Longitude   Line.   The   age   of   these   sites   shows that   it   is   of   great   antiquity,   overthrowing   the   established   view   that   the   Meridian   was   first   set   out   in the 17th century. This   in-depth   historical   research   demonstrates   that   the   Meridian   was   originally   created   by ancient   astronomers   who   were   masters   in   observing   the   natural   world   and   the   motion   of   the   stars and   other   celestial   bodies.   At   the   core   of   their   science   was   a   deep-seated   tradition   of   polar cosmology ,   where   the   celestial   pole   represented   the   only   still   point   in   an   ever-changing   world, located   at   the   very   centre   of   the   heavens.   The   evidence   suggests   that   this   earlier   meridian connected   Heaven   and   Earth   and   had   a   sacred   and   spiritual   dimension   as   the   Axis   Mundi ,   World Axis    or   World   Tree ,   rooted   in   the   Earth   with   its   trunk   pointing   towards   the   Pole   Star.   This   ancient knowledge was woven into the fabric of mythology and became embedded in ...  
Axis of Heaven