Mont St Michel, Normandy, France Lady Chapel
Ursa Major and Ursa Minor star constellation
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Glastonbury Abbey features in Axis of Heaven, The Secret Land and the Sun and the Serpent
Merlin, the legendary advisor, wizard and prophet of King Arthur
Tintagel features in The Secret Land, Axis of Heaven
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Hampton Court and Tudor King Henry VIII feature in Axis of Heaven
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Hampton Court Palace chapel holds its first Catholic service since the 16th century The Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, hosted the evening service at the King's former home in Richmond upon Thames, west London. It is the first time a service has been conducted at the palace's Chapel Royal according to the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church in more than 450 years.
Glastonbury Abbey - Psychic Archeology... Frederick Bligh Bond resorted to psychic archeology because he didn't have permission to dig up the ruins of England's legendary Glastonbury Abbey. At least this was his explanation for why, on a November day in 1907, he made contact  with the spirit of a medieval monk named Johannes. Over the course of nearly 70 seances, Bond sketched detailed plans of the Abbey, relayed by Johannes, that turned out to be largely accurate.
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Mont St Michel, Normandy, France
An Archangel’s take off and landing Nuns watched in amazement as an angel lifted off into the sky this morning over the top of Mont Saint-Michel Abbey in France.
Archangel Michael features in The Sun and The Serpent and Mont St Michel in The Dance of the Dragon
Merlin immortalized at Tintagel, Cornwall

Visitors to Tintagel Castle - the legendary birthplace of King Arthur - can enjoy a new addition to the landscape. A local

craftsman has carved the sleeping face of Merlin onto the rocks of the nearby beach. It guards the entrance to Merlin's

Cave, through which the wizard is said to have carried the infant Arthur away from the castle to safety.

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