Paul   Broadhurst   is   one   of   Britain’s   most   original   authors   exploring   the   mysteries   of   ancient   landscapes. He   has   written   seven   books   including The   Sun   and   the   Serpent    which   is   regarded   today   as   the   classic   work   for all interested in Earth Mysteries. The   dramatic   coastline   and   legendary   Cornish   landscape   where   he   lives   with   his   partner   Gabriele   have inspired   a   number   of   books   such   as   The   Secret   Land   which   presents   new   discoveries   about   the   origins   of   the Arthurian myth which can be traced back to ancient cosmology. Axis   of   Heaven:   The   Greenwich   Meridian   –   Britain’s   Secret   Axis   of   Power    is   their   latest   groundbreaking   book revealing   a   new   and   previously   unknown   side   to   Britain’s   history.   Concealed   in   the   landscape   is   a   secret which   influenced   successive   kings   and   queens   throughout   the   ages.   Find   out   why   they   went   to   great   lengths to be associated with its symbolic power  here.  

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